Sunflower Husk Briquettes

Sunflower husk briquettes are produced from by-products of sunflower oil. They are very economical while possessing superior heating properties and very low moisture. There are In Rough and  Pini key type of Briquettes

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Our Sunflower Husk Briquettes of  are a 100% natural product, exclusively produced from sunflower husk. The briquettes are a technological waste received in the process of production and processing of sunflower kernels. The briquettes are a perfect substitute to coal, wood, wood briquettes, fuel oil, etc. The difference is that sunflower husk briquettes have higher calorific value and very low void content of the released emissions. In fact, our briquettes contain no harmful emissions and resins.

Moisture: 6.15%
Ash content: 2.33%
Volatiles in dry matter 71.82%
Sulphur content, dry basis: 0.12%
Calorific value of operative fuel: 4,228 kCal/kg
Size : 65x65x230mm
Packaging: 12 blocks weights around 12 kg, 84 packs on pallet


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